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    I've been eating whatever, but counting calories, and have been at or below my goal every day. I'll keep at that, as well as getting on the elliptical 3 X week for 30-45 minutes (the shorter the time, the higher the intensity).

    I'm also drinking at least a gallon of water a day.

    I'll keep working on strength training. More push-ups and sit-ups.

    Thanks for all the encouragement folks!
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    Working on running 5miles this week along with my normal workout. Gonna slap on the Vibram Five-Fingers and go at it! Those things really work your lower body, especially the calves.

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    Since I missed week 1 I've decided to start on Nutrition. For the next week I will not drink any soda (including diet). I will also not eat any white starchy foods such as white flour, white pasta, and white rice.
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    Continuing on from the first week with 15 minutes on the NordicTrack, Calisthenics, and healthy food.
    Everyday Breakfast - plane oatmeal, a few craisens, walnut, almonds, cinnamon
    Everyday Lunch - Salad with light It. dressing, and a Chobani yogurt
    Thursday, Feb 9th - diner: grilled chicken with stuffing and steamed veggies
    Friday, Feb 10th - the usual 15 mins NT, Cal and for diner Mac&Cheese and steamed veggies and oh yeah I lost a couple of pounds
    Saturday, Feb 11th - heavy workout today, 2 hours of constant heavy lifting and climbing stairs (rearranged and cleaned out the attic), take-out for dinner (chicken and broccoli and orange chicken and one fortune cookie)
    Sunday, Feb 12th - another heavy workout day with heavy lifting and stair climbing most of the day. dinner was chicken enchiladas with strawberry shortcake (small piece) for desert.
    Feeling good - exercise is now part of my routine to stay!!!!
    Monday, Feb 13th - back to normal routine but did 20 mins on the NT, Cal and dinner was filet mignon (a treat from a Omaha Steaks gift card given to me a couple years back)
    Tuesday, Feb 14th - 20 mins of NT, Cal and dinner was garlic bread and steamed veggies
    Wednesday, Feb 15th - Break from exercise, dinner was tacos
    Thursday, Feb 16th - Back to routine, dinner was homemade Mac&Cheese
    Friday, Feb 17th - felt lazy and did not exercise, dinner was spaghetti
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    I have been continuing my strength training exercises from week one. Since Thursday I have been concentrating on one muscle group each day, rotating from abs, to arms and legs. Not sure of the best exercises for each though, I've been doing several different types of crunches for my core. Should I be using free weights for some arm exercises or is simply doing more and more pushups acceptable? I don't want to be ripped, just don't want squishy arms. Can anyone recommend any good leg exercises. I am hopefully going to get up and start walking soon, but anything I can do in the morning besides squats?

    I am also going to start watching what I am eating. I do usually very well during the day. I tend to have problems with my snacking. I tend to eat too many and the wrong things (candy is too tasty). Playing D&D every friday doesn't help. I have been doing worry good at avoiding ice cream though. I am making my additional goal to snack less and if I have to snack, eat something healthy like fruit/veggies also allowing for a cheat day as well.
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    I am happy that I could follow my last week's plan.

    This week :

    1. Zero alcohol !
    2. A Total of one hour exercise during lunch break consisting of the following :
    - 15 minutes on cross trainer, burn atleast 200 cals (as shown on the dashboard of the machine)
    - 3 sets of chest muscle exercises on Kinesis machine while lunging forward
    - 3 sets of biceps
    - 3 sets of triceps by pulling the ropes down
    - squats with 8kg weight.
    - sideways plank - count to 20
    And finally stretch out.

    Sounds too much but is possible in the time I have set.

    Thanks to the guys at Webosnation, while I am typing this plan I am feeling good already !
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    Today instead of going for a walk I played Frisbee with the dogs - well the Border Collie plays Frisbee and the Min Pin chases the Border Collie and barks. I also did some weights, light weights with lots of reps. Pretty happy with my food choices today, possibly ate too many starches for dinner, but overall a really good day and feeling pretty good. Had a long work day, so I am glad that I took some time for physical activity and didn't make work an excuse to eat junk.
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    my first week has been lame. I should do 30 push-up, 50 sit-up and 50 lifting every other day this week.
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    I've actually been getting the stuff I said I was going to in, but I've been so jammed with work I haven't had time to report on it! The scale said I dropped a pound too. yay. Now 10.5 more if I remember correctly.

    Maybe I can actually keep this thread open so I can report in a timely fashion.
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    Good morning! Snow on the ground, and , here in PA, we're expecting 7" down by tomorrow. I've been worried about this and how it was going to affect my walking-so we'll find out soon enough.
    Doing my three sets of three this morning. I went to youtube and and tried out "Superman's" which are supposed to be good lower back stuff. It left my leg numb, so, I'll be going easy on those. As Elijah Price said,"They called me Mr. Glass".
    Later I'll be walking to the "This American Life podcast, which has really been capturing my interest this week. When I make it up to jogging, I'll be listening to the podcasts posted here--couch to 5k, and the other one.

    Good luck today. Challenge yourself but don't hurt yourself.
    I'm not sure the "Cheetos Lift" is a legit workout.
    Post your stuff, no matter how small, then come back tomorrow. and do the same. Best advice I heard on an exercise program was "Start".
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    Fasting for a day to shrink the stomach and detox, while drinking lots of water. Following with watching the portions of meals, making sure to not overeat. Food portions about the size of ones fist, eating regularly with snacks in between main meals keeps the metabolism in high gear.
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    I'm picking up my hoops workouts to 2x per week, 90 minutes each. It's not full court, but it's pretty much non-stop, so it's pretty intense.

    Based on some recent reading on the glycemic load of today's monoculture wheat, I'm eliminating all wheat from my diet for the next six months.

    Now let's see what happens to my weight...
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    It was a great week last week. I am going to add my workout in the end of previous just to keep myself motivated. I took my son to indoor games on Friday so could not get the workout done. But still managed to walk for a while.

    By the way the goal for this week is to maintain 6 day workout routine as usual. Also I am planning to start running on the tread mill instead of using elliptical because I am planning to do 5k in the upcoming months (in spring).

    Fitness Activity:
    Feb 1: 55 min of strength training focusing on the upper body and abs.
    Feb 2: 40 min on elliptical (cardio) - Calories Burnt: 372
    Feb 3: 45 Min of strength training (Lower body, back and abs)
    Feb 4 & 5 : Rest day! (could not get out yesterday bcoz of super bowl and also taking care of my son)
    Feb 6: 1 hour of strength training (Upper body and abs)
    FEb 7: 40 Min on elliptical (usual cardio routine) - Calories Burnt: 365
    Feb 8: 1 hour of strength training (Lower body, back and abs)
    Feb 9: 45 Min on elliptical (Cardio) - Calorie burnt: 415
    Feb 10: Just walked for a while (15 min or so)
    Feb 11: Rest day!

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    Well, it wasn't bad when it was over.......

    Went over and shoveled mom's 2 card driveway three times since yesterday, and it looks like I'm going to have to do it again tonight.
    Did my little sets. It was so hard getting started on them, but I feel better since finishing. No one's driving anywhere in town and it's 10 degrees out. Can't walk outside due to snow, but thinking about borrowing a truck and going out to wallyworld to walk.
    Made a homemade pizza last night, which was really good. A lot healthier than frozen pizza, but I have to be light-handed with the cheese.
    It's a good day to browse the preware apps and do another set.
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    Didn't do too good last week, although I did go for a 2 mile walk with the wife and dog--can't let a 40+ day in Feb. go to waste. Leaving town tomorrow, so going to try to do my hotel workout--push, sit, squats....
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    Early morning start to my set.I'm already feeling sharper! Steel cut oats for breakfast- oh yeah.
    Going to the Dentist now.- oh well. Will walk over lunchtime today- it's going to be 29 degrees,
    so it's almost shorts weather. Tomorrow, V-Day. I get to spend the day with a special someone,
    myself-oh no.
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    My employer is also having a weight loss contest so I've started low carb. It was supposed to begin 02/01, but today is the official weigh in day. So far I'm down 6 lbs. It won't count toward the contest, but I'm not complaining. My goal is to maintain my diet, and get plenty of walking in.
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    Did some walking Friday at a local home and garden show in a huge convention center that used to be a building that assembled tanks. Was able to pass by the food handouts and the pizza and hot dog stands. Saturday was my off day. Got some snow and was out driving the roads and getting around the slower cars (but was parked on the highway for 30 - 40 minutes due to some big accident further ahead - never saw it).

    Met some friends from out of town and had lunch at a very popular local restaurant - Melt Bar and Grilled. Was featured on Man vs Food show. Massive gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Couldn't finish it. Sunday, shovelled snow. So very much wanted to go make some popcorn to munch on during the afternoon, but managed to hold off. Not having snacks / junk food is also saving me some money

    I picked up an app for my FrankenPre 2 - Fitness Appz. It's a suite of apps to monitor pushups, situps, squats, and pullups. Once you calibrate each one, it will start you on a 6 week program to build up to obtain 100 pushups, 200 situps, and 200 squats. I'm skipping the pullups as I don't have anything to use. You can get these as individual apps for webOS, but you save by getting the suite.

    When I get home from bowling tonight, I will try to do the calibrations for each one (how many of each can I do now). That will get me started on my way. Went to weigh myself to see where I am, and the batteries were dead on the digital scale... LOL. I think I have some new batteries, but need to double check.

    Tomorrow is V-Day, so I need to get the program going in the early morning. Will be "busy" for the evening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pctechies View Post
    Since I missed week 1 I've decided to start on Nutrition. For the next week I will not drink any soda (including diet). I will also not eat any white starchy foods such as white flour, white pasta, and white rice.
    I have been able to go without soda; however, my wife and I had dinner over at some friends home and they made this cinnamon roll cake that I just had to try. It was very good and I'm sure it was made using white flour. I'm not giving up on the week because of this though. Baby steps, right?
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    I don't get on the computer much on the weekend so here is the weekend update.

    Friday was cardio, continued the C25K program on the treadmill at the gym.

    Saturday is "rest", of course it is also the day of my part time job so... lifting kegs of beer, stocking shelves, and picking up the returns from one of the parties we catered.

    Sunday was supposed to be strength, then the wife reminded me that it was her dad's birthday, I did limit myself to the tiniest sliver of cake.

    Tonight will be cardio then I think I will switch back to morning workouts, seems like evenings get interrupted more and the gym is more crowded. 5AM here I come.

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