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    Let's go... Dropbox is giving a bonus of up to 05GB for those who participate in the Beta period of the new versions of the clients for Android, and DESKTOP (single
    between the portable part with your customer directly), following the increase
    500MB to 500MB each photos and videos added here ONLY the use of customers Beta them!

    It's simpler than it seems, so will a tutorial VERY ready, the recipe ONLY FOR DESKTOP same cake, that is, for those who do not have or prefer to let Android
    the computer do all the dirty work! > :-)

    Anyone who wants to upload directly from your Android device, you can download the client here:

    Or use the QRCode: 3A% 2F% 2F4ZL2gCdt

    Here we go:

    To use the Desktop version, you need:

    Download Desktop version (d!)Click Here To Download! (Ah, you use Mac? Sorry ... have not ... Hehehehe ... okay, okay ... is yes, download it here, but if Linux user, you already know very well where to download 64Bits and 32bit versions, so do not need help!).

    A PenDrive, card reader (WITH cards, please! ) Or Smartphone that lends itself to this role (no, not that you can download from any website!).

    Some trilhares photos (jpg, png, bbb, fcc, kkk, etc...) and video (avi, mp4, m4p, imho, etc... ).

    Everything ready and at hand now? So, here we go...

    First, copy all these files, photos and videos you have a DCIM folder to the root of your USB key or equivalent (if you do not know what is the root of a pendrive, ask for a botanist! If you do not know and is a botanist, a biologist to ask for help).

    Second, after copying it to the pendrive, unplug it from the USB port (TURN OFF before removing! Do not forget!) And, if you have not installed until now, INSTALL Dropbox, dammit!

    Third, after the Dropbox installed and disconnected pendrive, plug it into the USB port, and you should see Windows by doing a search on your portable drive, indicating that it is starting Autoplay:

    Fourth, when the screen appears the Windows Autoplay to choose what action should be taken, choose "Import pictures and videos using Dropbox":

    Fifth, relax and take a delicious coffee (placeholder for merchandising! If interested, contact me with a proposal bulky!) while Dropbox matter your images to the "Upload Camera", which is inside your Dropbox folder. At the same time, it will starting the upload and begin to count the increase in its cash in the process. As the import process is MUCH slower than the time you took to send all this stuff to the pendrive, stop coffee, take a bath and watch a soap opera since, so you avoid suffering from tachycardia after the 43rd cup ( 29th cup if express, and if 286 of cappuccino cup - weak coffee!)

    Sixth, if you want to continue to follow as he walks imports, but ended by closing the small window, click the icon next to clock and select "View import progress":

    Seventh ... Ooops! I won one more GB! This was just to celebrate it ...

    Eighth, once the import, send the media to Dropbox has yet to take a little time (little, if your connection is like mine, even if it's 3G and other junk equivalent!). Meanwhile, you can click again on the icon next to the clock and see that the option "View import progress" changed to "View recently imported photos." Clicking it will open straight to your "Upload Camera" with its contents already sent (green icons) and that should still be sent (blue icons):

    = Problems, problems and ... problems!

    Then, the citizen is more delighted with this tip phenomenal, spectacular, incredible, fantastic, etc, etc, etc, and plug the Pendrive / Smartphone into a USB port and ... nothing! Windows shows it connected, you access content but nothing of this "Autoplay" appears. "F" of life, you deal with the most logical approach: disconnects and reconnects again to ... no ... is not solve! And there's no way: if not with Autoplay, the function does not work. After cursing the guy who wrote this whole story and then to feel excluded from a digital, you remember to read the bottom and find a little tip! Little same, which could be expressed in few words, but was forced (a) to read all this nonsense and waste so much time just to know that there is a tiny little program that reactivates M $ own your Autoplay: Autofix!

    Run it ... and be happy!

    PS: I believe that you can find some english errors, but I'm brazilian, have no much time to revise the text and I can have this mistakes, but you that are a UK/USA citizen, don't...

    Best Regards...
    "If A Man Isn't Willing To Take Some Risk For His Opinions, Either His Opinions Are No Good Or He's No Good!" - Ezra Pound (Poet & Critic)
    (Happy A Lot, As A Good Carioca!)
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    your engrish is fine.

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