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    Pushups, situps, and squats, daily.
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    I'm gonna work on nutrition since im already doing the other two; no beer for a week might be pretty tough for me.
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    I'm already doing some weight loss challenges, so this should only help. Thanks webOS Nation.

    I've been doing pretty well with diet and cardio, so I'll pick some strength training.
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    I'm going to go for:

    Stop drinking sugary drinks for a week

    4 sets of 10 pushups, 10 sit ups, and 10 squats

    20-30 min of Cardio 3x a week
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    Run for 20 min 3 times a week
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    Strength training for me. Already went a week w/o beer, I think I'll go have one to celebrate!
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    Week 1 eliptical for 30 minutes each day (started 1/31) and each day rotate chest/bi's, legs, back/tri's.....have big weight to lose...
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    No soda all day today and completed 40 mins on treadmill with avg speed of abt 4.0
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    Today no soda, only coffee or iced tea. It was really windy and I didn't want to go out, but glad I did. The dogs love windy days and ended up having a really nice walk. It's generally a brisk walk and today was no exception, just to the park and back for 20 minutes.
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    I have just removed sugar from my diet from 6 month. Also eat carbohydrates only at launch and protein at dinner and eat a lot of fruits.

    Two week ago I have started to do about 4 series of 30 pushups at day, and doing taijchi once a week

    A week ago raised to 4 series of 40 pushups/day, 2 time a week taijchi an started to do abdominal, but only 2 series of 40 once a week

    This week also raised to 6 series of 40 pushup/day, 2 time a week taijchi an the same abdominal before

    Next week probably continue with 6-7 series of 40 pushup/day, 2 time a week taijchi, raise the abdominal to 3 times a week and start with Wushu 2 times a week

    Must also empower my legs because are very weak... maybe I'll insert some legs exercise next week!!!
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    Gonna go on holiday eat cake and drink beer for 3 weeks. Mmmmmm :-)
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    Yesterday: I only did 5 pushups, but all of everything else. My arms are sore.
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    Second update:
    Strength training at the gym last night per my previous post.

    Wednesday: Cardio: first day at the Gym since June
    Thursday: Strength
    Friday: Ibuprofen, but I'll do the cardio again tonight

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    Did ok yesterday. Ate well. Avoided drinking any Coke. Went out to my Thursday night bowling league. Good use of arms and legs. Thighs felt it at the end of the night.
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    Fitness Activity this month:
    Feb 1st: 55 min of strength training focusing on the upper body and abs.
    Feb 2: 40 min on elliptical (cardio) - Calories Burnt: 372

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    Yesterday was my off day.

    Today: 50 minute/12.5 mile bike trainer and 1 hour/2450 yard masters swim.

    Total time working out since 2/1 - 3:10:04.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boydell View Post
    My 4 week goal is this: I am trying to get closer to a balanced meal, following the food plate the us government is pushing now, although I like this one better because it has more detail and helpful hints.

    So week 1, I am trying to get in more veggies, with more variety. It seems tough to remember to get them in there every day, and they should be the largest of the 4!
    Day 2: Had a nice big salad, and a potato with peas on it. A day that was heavy on the veggies. It will be interesting to go back over the week and try to come up with rough percents for each day, but see how it works out over all.
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    Today had a nice long walk for an hour. Beautiful day. No sodas. Did have a cappuccino though, which probably is not much better than a soda.
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    Hit the 2 sets of pushups, situps, squats again. Took me all damn day to get to it, because I was still hurting from yesterday. Ugh. Tomorrow is going to be my day off from the pushups. Going to hit the bike for 20 minutes if not more, though.

    Also, if someone told me that I'd be hurting about as bad as I've ever hurt in my life after 2 days of 20 situps, I'd have punched them in their face.
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    I've been reading the thread a few days. Gonna commit to this. I have Spondylolisthesis so everything hurts. But if I can get past the hurt, this could make me hurt less, (knowwhatimean?). Oh, forgot squats. o.k. I'm going to walk until my leg give out. Bet I can do 30 minutes.
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