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    Is it just me, or do others notice an over-abundance of thread titles with excess question marks in the topic line?

    I understand that people are trying to find out how to do things, but putting extra punctuation in the thread topic makes it look like we're a bunch of dummies. While that may be true (because we've stuck with WebOS for so long), I would rather see "Need help with.." than "XXXXXx??????"

    Please respond and tell me whether or not you think I'm an annoying ***** for bringing this up. (But you KNOW that you're going to start noticing all of them now!)
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    In the interest of Full Disclosure, I checked all of the threads that I have started. I am just hypocritical enough to state that only 29% of my posts have question marks at the end!
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    I think question marks are appropriate for... well... questions, perhaps?
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    not a buttload of them though, its true it looks awfully stupid browsing through the forums
    help!!!!How do i???????????????
    that's just ridiculously immature and doesn't get anything answered any quicker. Let alone the dweeb who asks the same question that was just answered.
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    Please, Balooz, don't hold back - let us know what you're really thinking!

    I think that's what struck me - just looking through the topics I noticed how many question marks there were. Not that I begrudge people trying to find out how to do something; it just gets overused to the point that you start ignoring them. (Kind of like car alarms - how many of us look to see what's happening when a car alarm goes off, and how often do we just ignore it because there are so many going off all of the time?)

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