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    I was watching Parks and Rec and had to pause and go back and see if my eyes were playing tricks. Cannot believe what I saw... This is the beginning credit of tonight's show! LOL

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    hahaha I love parks and rec and just saw this.
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    He's a comedy writer. Don't know much about him except that he also worked on SNL. Of course, it would be funnier if his first name was Edward and he went by E. Norm Hiscock.
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    I've never seen that name outside of someone trying to be funny. You saying that name is an actual writer and not them just trying to slip a joke into the credits? I could see people just calling someone "Norm" with that last name as a joke. My dad has a buddy with the last name of "Bolt" and everyone calls him "Rusty". LOL
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    Norm Hiscock - IMDb

    Actually, his full name, assuming it's Norman, is pretty funny too. Norm and his...
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    Don't parents consider this sort of thing when naming their kids? My kids aren't named Rod or Richard, or Slim for that matter!
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    Wow... just wow.

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