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    I got an Incredible 2 in holiday red on Black Friday (it was free) from Verizon. I'm happy with Verizon and my Pre 2, so I don't mind extending my contract. I sold it on ebay for a tidy profit, shipped it via USPS the next day after getting immediate payment through paypal. The buyer emailed me less than 48 hours later asking where the phone was, I told him 2-5 days by priority mail. Today (less than a week later) I have a "case" opened by him, claiming he's emailed me without response, wants a full refund. Meantime, paypal has placed a hold on the funds. I told him I paid for insurance and would pursue it with USPS. He said that was my issue, if I didn't refund his money in 24 hours, he would left negative and bad feedback. I started a claim with USPS, do I refund his money and hope for USPS to honor their insurance or take a hit for the negative feedback? Thoughts? Does ebay still allow for sellers to respond to negative feedback?
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    What does the USPS tracking info show? Does it show as delivered?

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