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    Not even the HP Envy could persuade him to eat his own dog food. Guess that's why they decided to dump webOS. The Chairman is an Apple fan-boi.
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    His PRPRPR $handler$ $will$ $either$ $be$ $fired$ $or$ $currently$ $scrubbing$ $the$ $floors$ $at$ $HP$ $headquarters$ - $in$ $reality$, $lots$ $of$ $senior$ $people$ $use$ $products$ $from$ $their$ $competitors$ - $they$ $just$ $aren$'$t$ $stupid$ $enough$ $to$ $do$ $PR$ $profiles$ $where$ $they$ $are$ $seen$ $to$ $be$ $happy$ $to$ $use$ $them$.
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    Wow... just wow. Photoshop?

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    Let me play devil's advocate here. Three things:

    1. I don't think HP's ultrabook is yet available, so perhaps this is his current travel computer while he waits for a Folio?
    2. He appears to have some sort of PC sitting across the table, so I guess he's not a total Machead.
    3. It's not really all that unusual (as CGK pointed out). There are even Microsoft employees who are known Mac users, though somewhat rare. Can't really dictate personal choice as a company policy, even though it's not very smart business to be seen not eating your own dog food.

    Really the worse thing about this is that it provides major fodder (or so they would have you believe) for the Mac blogs to make hay of and crow about. Probably won't hear the end of it from the "Apple faithful" for quite some time.
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    Looks like he is still trying figure out how it works.

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