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Interesting article...with a little webOS thrown in. However the article states:

After all app sales USN’t the big revenue churner for Apple.....However sale of music, books, audio books and video do add up...I believe that Apple is making 40% on each song sold, 30% on each magazine subscription, plus I think it's about 30% from ebooks. Amazon has started to self publish books now, which is going to make it harder for it's competitors. Not to mention newpaper subsritions thru Itunes...

While a song may only add up to 99 cents...approx 40 cents times hundreds of million times a year add up quickly.

I also expect magazines publishers, book publishers and News papers to try to play Apple against Amazon for a better deal...Newspapers and magazines in particular have been loudly comp laing that Apple is getting too large a cut...

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Amazon Vs Apple – The difference Is In The Approach
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Amazon Vs Apple – The difference Is In The Approach - iPhoneHelp | iPhone, iPod touch & iPad

One of the most fierce tech battles of late has been Google vs Apple. On multiple fronts you would see both these silicon valley giants battling it out, sometimes in a subtle manner while other times quite publicly.