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    November 17, 2011, 4:06 PM
    Nook’s Specs Are Exaggerated, Again

    Nook's Specs Are Exaggerated, Again -

    I had a lot of fun reviewing Amazon’s new Kindles in my Times column this week. (Yes, I had a Times column this week — it’s just that it appeared on Monday, a few days earlier than its usual Thursday spot, thanks to Amazon’s release schedule.)

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    During the week that the world’s tech critics were preparing their Kindle Fire reviews, Barnes & Noble representatives went into pre-emptive attack mode. They gave us private briefings to make sure we knew that they, too, had a new line of e-book readers coming out.
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    Funnier when it's been made obvious that the tablet race isn't a "spec war". It's coming down to the question of "which media consumption device delivers the best content?". Not about MHz, GHz, GB, etc.

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