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Before the Kindle Fire, Some Misfires
By DAVID STREITFELD| November 11, 2011, 2:00 pm

Before the Kindle Fire, Some Misfires - NYTimes.com

The late Steven P. Jobs has been widely celebrated in recent weeks for his uncanny ability to anticipate what the masses want. Most mortals have no such forecasting skills, but that doesnít prevent some from making all sorts of predictions. Usually, these lie safely buried in the past, but occasionally they get resurrected to pound a point home.

That is what Jeff Bezos did when he introduced Amazonís new tablet, the Kindle Fire, in late September. The Fire, which is ready to make its way to consumers early next week, grew out of the original Kindle, a dedicated e-reader whose sales Amazon declines to reveal. They have, however, been sufficiently voluminous to change how many of us read. Amazon, the countryís biggest bookseller, now sells more books digitally than in physical form.