So today I read about how Steam got hacked and the hackers may have stolen credit card information (even if it's encrypted). Earlier this year, Sony got hacked and hackers may have stolen credit card information.

The threat of getting your personal information hacked is always there, but it never hits home until it happens to a service you use, and for me, that was Steam.

I went online to see how I can remove my CC info from Steam, and the users who want to do so generally are uncomfortable with a service just automatically filling in billing information. I realized that I feel the same. Never really noticed it, but Steam is the only service that has my CC information saved (that, and the App Catalog).

Which got me thinking: should we allow online services to store our CC information? It's a bad idea already, but with more and more services getting hacked putting users' billing information at risk, maybe we shouldn't allow these services to store our CC information anymore (unless they have the security of a bank or even Paypal).