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Android Fragmentation, by the Numbers
..By Jared Spurbeck

Android Fragmentation, by the Numbers - Yahoo! News

..The new version of Google's open-source Android operating system, called Ice Cream Sandwich, was recently unveiled. But unlike with Apple's iPhone, where every device that can run a new operating system version is upgraded immediately, the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be the only smartphone to run Ice Cream Sandwich for some time. Even the Verizon Droid RAZR, unveiled hours before Google's Ice Cream Sandwich event, won't see an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade until early 2012.

The reasons why are varied, but they basically amount to that Android devices aren't as big a priority for their manufacturers and carriers as the iPhone is to Apple and its partners. Moreover, Android device owners are used to only getting a new operating system version when they get a new phone. So even the Nexus One, Google's first flagship smartphone, has finally stopped receiving OS updates, fewer than two years after it launched.