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RIM is now worth more broken up than in one piece....which spells major trouble for them...

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[B]RIM stock hits strange low]
RIM stock is now worth less than its total assets. In other words, you could buy every share of RIM stock for less than the value of the company's cash, patents, and real estate.

By Matt Rosoff, Business Insider / November 3, 2011

RIM stock hits strange low - CSMonitor.com

Today, the price of RIM stock dropped below its book value of $18.92 per share, as calculated by Bloomberg. That's the value of its assets, including cash, patents, and real estate, minus its liabilities.

That basically means that the market thinks RIM will shrink, not grow. The last time the stock price dipped below its market value was when RIM was losing money back in 2003.