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    Amazon's latest Prime gambit: Kindle book lending
    By Larry Dignan | November 3, 2011, 2:28am

    Amazon's latest Prime gambit: Kindle book lending | ZDNet

    Summary: The Kindle lending program may just be one part of the kitchen sink Amazon plans to toss into its Prime subscription service.

    Amazon keeps throwing the perks at its Amazon Prime subscription service. This go-round Amazon is adding a Kindle Owners’ Lending Library to the mix just ahead of the Kindle Fire launch.

    For the e-commerce giant, Prime subscriptions appear to be just about everything. Aside from free two-day shipping, Amazon has added unlimited streaming of shows and movies and now Kindle books. Why? Repeat after me: Lifetime value of the customer. Also see: Amazon’s Kindle Fire economics: A focus on lifetime value of customer

    Amazon hit that point on its most recent earnings call as analysts were freaking out over what a $199 Kindle Fire will do to margins. The company explained that it’ll take a margin hit now for more revenue later. Kindle Fire has an Amazon Prime subscription bundled in for a month. If the bulk of those Fire buyers also become Prime subscribers, Amazon garners a nice recurring revenue stream—a subscription is $79 a year—and the promise of more loyal customers.
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    Thanks Jay,

    As an Amazon Prime user for two years,it's good to hear they're adding the book lending service.I'll probably sell my Touchpad when the Kindle Fire comes out. It looks as if Amazon has kept me as a loyal customer,unlike HP. Love my Pre-, but when it goes,I'll head over to an Apple,Android or Windows phone.
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    These should keep me busy for a while

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