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    Hi all,
    FYI....see link. In 4 months Netflix is worth 75% LESS than it was worth just 4 MONTHS AGO! It's not all Reed Hastings fault....a portion of the blame goes to the greedy studios as well as Mr. Hastings' own greed....

    In July, (of this year), Netflix’s market value was over $16 billion. On Tuesday,
    (10/25/2011), after a bruising response to the financial results the company released late Monday, the Internet movie company lost more than $2 billion in value, bringing its total market capitalization to just over $4 billion.

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    October 25, 2011, 4:00 pm
    Netflix Market Value Shrivels

    Netflix Market Value Shrivels -
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    Wow, and the sad thing about it is that studios will continue to refuse to acknowledge that this is a problem with THEIR business plan, not Netflix's. This is consumers showing they loved how the old Netflix was run, and hated the new Netflix and the Qwikster experiment, and for them to make such drastic changes you know the studios had to put a lot of pressure on Netflix.

    I would look for an increase in tv/movie piracy in the next few months. All those lost customers didn't leave because they didn't like tv/movies all of a sudden.

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