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Reed Hastings knows he messed up but he and the greedy studios still won't roll back a 60% rate increase during these very hard economic times....on top of the increase he got only a few months before....he can apologize all he wants but the customers that left have found better deals and are to angry to ever come back to Netflix.

Knowing he messed up and actually fixing the problem instead of a meaningless apology aren't the same thing....instead he's whining over how many customers he lost and more important he's whining because he lost so much money due to the huge fall in stock value from his very shortsighted move..

Heís still arrogant and in denial..

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October 20, 2011
Reed Hastings Knows He Messed Up


Part of Steve Jobsís legacy is how incredibly well he managed the Apple product rollouts. What do you think Jobs, who never minced words, would say about how Netflix has operated in the last three months?
Iím not going to put words in a deceased manís mouth.