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I don't agree with part of this article....Netflix was mortally wounded just raising rates....this author feels that they could have bounced back from that....I seriously doubt statement...a 60% raise at this time is greedy & pigish.....keep in mind they did have a rate increase a short while before this....the studios are just as greedy & piggish! To go up 60% when people are choose canned tuna over stake is bone headed to say the least....these customers are gone for good...why so spoiled actors & studio honchos...can dine at Spago while the rest of the country can dine off the $1 menu at McDonalds.....EVERYONE I KNOW THAT WAS A NETFLIX CUSTOMER had already left before they decided to split in two and then change their minds...additionally from what I've read from comments on various websites...people are refusing to knuckle under for a 60% raise and feel that Netflix will have to back down sooner or later...if not they've these customers have long left the Netflix fold...

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Competition for Netflix heats up, starting with Vdio
By Rachel King | October 17, 2011, 12:00pm PDT

Competition for Netflix heats up, starting with Vdio | ZDNet

Summary: Competitors are taking advantage of Netflix’s stumbles. Enter Vdio.

Before the summer, Netflix looked unstoppable. Revenue was great, and it had nearly 25 million subscribers in two countries before a huge expansion to Latin America.

The first stumble happened with Netflix raised its subscription rates. As much as this might have infuriated some customers, it really wasn’t a terrible move considering how cheap the service still is. If Netflix had held steady here, it would have likely lost some subscribers at first but bounced back by the end of the year.