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My guess is that will catch on wirelessly if you do this were there is WIFI otherwise your renting the movie and paying extra to the phone company as this eats into your data plan...unless they figure a way around using your data plan....after all, not that long ago you HAD to text thru your cell provider or not text at all...while they rake in $ by the billions...afterall it costs about a penny per text but your charged much more than that...but now there are apps to get around using cell providers for texting...who knows maybe someone some day will figure out how to not use your data plant to download movies when your not in a WIFI area....

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Ready for Movies in the Cloud? Studios Bet You Are


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Hollywood is making a major bet this coming holiday season that consumers will buy movies, instead of renting, and view them on the go.

Facing the steady decline of physical disc sales, studios from Warner Bros to Sony will launch their UltraViolet cloud-based movie storage -- or "digital locker" -- service.