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    I have a 270, and am looking for a backup phone.

    Any recomendations?
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    After having Tmobile since June, they said I could get any of their phones at the lowest price + $75. I took the only Nokia they had, the free 3390. Why? because it works with my Jabra Freespeak very very well. Better than Treo! But remember, the headset will work with any BT phone. I'd try to find a cheap one though. You only have one chip though, so get one thats easy to switch with the Treo. showed that Amazon is offering Ericsson T68i for $25 with activation. They let you choose TMO/ATT/Cing i think. I wish Treo had built in BT - it would be a perfect device. Oh- 802.11, and a small GPS unit built in too.

    I like the 3390 ok. I had to extend the contract too!

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