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    Microsoft in September 13th, 2011 uncovered the developer preview of the Windows 8 and promulgated that they will release Windows 8 ISO image as a free download for the public.

    Interestingly Windows 8 is conformable with non-touch PCs also and even netbooks with Intel Atom processor and at least 1GB of RAM. Does your computer meet this spec? Go ahead and download Windows 8 developer preview.

    Thankfully, this time everyone can download Windows 8 ISO-from the official Microsoft website. What you need is to get a Windows Hotmail or Live Mail ID, and then proceed to the link given in the image. Download the 32 bit or 64 bit version of Windows 8 and use the Windows 7 disk utility to burn that ISO file to a DVD or use Alcohol 120% software.However you can download it from the links here below.

    For this time, it is heard that you have to do a fresh installation.

    Unfortunately, some of the Windows 8 features like app store and parts of Metro UI will not work on this dev preview. The minimum resolution required to run Windows 8 Metro apps is 102476 pixels.

    Download links: Windows 8 ISO direct link- Download 32 bit (2.8), 64 bit (3.6GB).
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    The minimum resolution required to run Windows 8 Metro apps is 102476 pixels.

    Wow that's one weird size monitor ... But I guess MSFT knows what they're doing .. :-P

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    lol who was that smart guy, there is not other option . Thanks for that pic. I have not downloaded it yet.

    I need almost 7 hours to get it I have a 100 MB broadband only.

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