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    David Pouge joins the rest of us in scratching our heads in observing Netflix's I realize that the future will be in streaming and/.or downloading video...but that doesn't mean that you P.O and enrage your customer base....

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    September 22, 2011, 1:57 PM
    Parsing Netflix’s ‘Apology’

    Parsing Netflix's 'Apology' -

    Netflix is about to break off its DVD-by-mail feature into a completely separate entity, called Qwikster.
    In 2001, I wrote about a then-little known company called Netflix. Reading it now, I can’t help smiling. Ah, sweet naďveté!

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    “At a recent dinner with some old magazine-industry friends, I was amazed to discover that three of them were all raving fans of something called,” I wrote. “Turns out Netflix is a DVD rental service.
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    The Oatmeal does a good job of explaining it: Why Netflix is splitting itself in two - The Oatmeal

    It's a completely ridiculous decision. Integration between DVD and streaming businesses will be completely severed. I wonder if they are just writing it off as a loss and expect it to sink.

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