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Wow...$5.5 Billion, that's a lot of lettuce!

Please see link.

Funny true story about MS & Bing....When firms launch a worldwide product they're supposed to make sure that the name doesn't mean something in a foreign langage...That's how George Eastman picked the name Kodak....

Now back to MS: They never fully vetted the name BING...in one dialect in China it means "you make me sick" and in another dialect "I feel sick"....

When every I use Bing, (not too often I usually use Yahoo & Google), all I keep thinking is it's time to use the "You make me sick search engine"...

LOL & True story!
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Microsoft has lost $5.5 billion on Bing since launchBy: Todd Haselton | Sep 21st, 2011 at 09:20PM

Microsoft has lost $5.5 billion on Bing since launch

Microsoft has lost $5.5 billion, an average drain of $1 billion per quarter, on Bing since it introduced the search engine in 2009, CNNMoney reported on Wednesday