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Apple played durty with Samsung in Germany then it shouldn't be a surprise that Samsung tries to poke a stick into Apple's eye by trying to get the iPhone 5 banded from Korea! (I posted about Samsung banded in Austalia...however Samsung going after Apple in Korea is all new)!

Apple shouldn't complain Apple choose the rules of the game....Samsung just raised the ante.

See link.

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Samsung to fight back against Apple in Australia; [U]Seeking iPhone 5 ban in Korea[/U]By Zack Whittaker | September 19, 2011, 8:23am PDT

Samsung to fight back against Apple in Australia; Seeking iPhone 5 ban in Korea | ZDNet

Summary: Apple and Samsung’s legal scuffles continue in Australia and South Korea, as the two giants continue to punch each other in a long-running, worldwide patent dispute.

Samsung, in a bid to clamber onto its suffering smartphone sales amid a series of worldwide patent lawsuits, is counter-suing Apple in Australia.

It comes only a month after Samsung delayed the launch of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the country. The claim was filed with the Federal Court of Australia in New South Wales, stating that Apple infringed seven Australian patents relating to wireless networking in Apple’s third- and fourth-generation iPhones and iPad 2 devices.

Apple previously said that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringes patents that it holds, with Samsung vehemently disagreeing. The two smartphone and tablet giants, however, struck a deal last month to not only restrict sales of the latest Galaxy Tab tablet in Australia, but would also hand over samples of the device to Apple for a review and approve process.

But now it seems that Samsung’s move would contravene its earlier agreement. Not only is Australia in the thick of it regarding this ongoing, worldwide patent disagreement, but South Korean consumers could miss out on the iPhone 5 if Samsung has its way.