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    Hi all,

    He apologizes but keeps his greedy price increases...well that's not going to cut it for most of us....after all he had gotten a price increase shortly before he pulled off this price increase...His firm is no longer unique there are other places to go.

    He of course isn't the only greedy person in this story....Hollywood moguls who can't understand that people are choosing to either the cheapest way to see a movie because they have no money....except for the actors, directors, produces and studio heads.. who are still get paid up to $20 million per picture!

    Reed Hastings hasn't yet learned that saying your sorry and meaning it is another thing...however I'm sure the stockholders will make sure that he learns his lesson the hard way!

    All of my friends who were users of Netflix have all gone he can keep his hollow apology! They have found better, cheaper and more consumer freindly firms to rent from.

    These days money is so tight that people are eating canned Tuna in place of steak, in order to afford to rest a movie in place of going to the movies.... yet the movie rental industry & the studios still doesn't get about being arragant...perhaps when the board of directors and the stockholders can him he can run for Congress!

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    September 19, 2011, 2:16 am
    Netflix C.E.O. Apologizes for Handling of Price Increase

    Netflix C.E.O. Apologizes for Handling of Price Increase -

    In a letter posted on the Netflix Web site late Sunday night, the company’s chief executive, Reed Hastings, apologized for the way he handled recent changes in pricing and subscription services, which were announced this past summer and have since caused Netflix customers to walk away in droves.
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    Hi all,

    Heres some additional info....

    His price increase THAT HE STILL IS TO ARROGANT TO ROLL BACK....that he is being to cute by half in changing the name of the DVD by mail division to Quicster...thinking that if it's two different charges in two different names that people won't notice bet is that they continue to leave and this arrogant and phony letter will be viewed as the foolish puffery that it is..

    So far his assine move cast him a million customers...his letter and his refusal to realize that this is the WORST time to be raising prices will still cause people to cote with their pocket books. Plus Netflix has swung to a loss for only the second time since they started up...

    Just for example of how people feel about spending extra money these days, (especially for the greed of Hollywood): I just hit the roof when I looked at all the deals they have NEW customers for Directv....when asked why I'm paying so much more I got a lot of mombo jumbo but thank you for 15 years of business....

    I'm switching to my phone/DSL provider Centurylink....I'll be saving over $100 a month, plus my DSL speed which is ow 1.5 will be kicked up to 10.0 additionally my Tivo (I've been a Tivo customer from the day they first went up for sale) is being replaced with a system that can record up to 4 shows at a time and can be replayed anywhere in the house plus it's for half the price.

    In the same vain Netflix doesn't get it's not as if they are the cheapest or have the best selection...from what I've read and heard the streaming division doesn't have much selection at all.

    Mind you the article below is from only 4 days ago....he feel the heat of the Bunsen burner under his rear and still won't back down....but he's sorry...yeah right!

    Take care,


    Please read the following:
    September 15, 2011
    Customers Angry Over Revamped Pricing Are Deserting Netflix

    Some of Netflix’s popularity lies in its simplicity — in its ability to serve up films and TV shows and renew subscriptions automatically, without any thinking on the part of the customer.

    Until now, that is.

    A new pricing scheme is forcing Netflix’s 25 million customers to think about which service they want — access to online streams, access to DVDs by mail or both — and some have decided to rethink the monthly splurge entirely.

    On Thursday, the company said that customers were canceling their subscriptions in greater numbers than it expected, about a million in total, causing a projected quarterly loss in customers for only the second time in its history. The company did not signal a shift in direction or a change its financial guidance for the quarter; still, its stock dropped almost 19 percent in heavy trading on Thursday, closing at $169.25 and worsening a season-long selling streak. In July, the stock peaked at $304.79.
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    The problem is that Netflix is being squeezed by Hollywood. Netflix's success actually sent Hollywood into a panic, and now the film industry is demanding that Netflix pay (and therefore charge) more for the content it provides, because they believe that their previous low prices were discouraging people from seeing movies in theaters.

    Even after the price hike, Starz ceased contract negotiations with Netflix, and Netflix's streaming service will therefore no longer provide Starz titles as February 2012. Starz specifically stated that they felt Netflix's pricing cheapened Starz's brand.

    So while I'm definitely not a fan of the price increase, it seems it was beyond Netflix's control. For Starz, anyway, the price increase wasn't enough. It is quite possible this could be the beginning of the end for Netflix, which was simply too much of a good thing, if other companies also decide that Netflix cheapens their brand the way Starz did.

    Starz Ends Renewal Negotiations With Netflix; Will Cease Content Distribution In 2012 | TechCrunch

    If enough companies pull out of Netflix, then consumers will in effect be paying much more for much less content. Regardless of who is to blame, they will end up cancelling, and that will be the end of Netflix. Unfortunately I believe this is indeed where we are headed. I believe the film industry is more accepting of the on-demand rental service provided by Amazon and other places than they are of a blanket monthly fee for an all-you-can-stream buffet. I believe the film industry will eventually force that method to be the only method, by pricing the Netflix/buffet scheme out of the market.
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