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    I'm trying to find a specific graphic. At one time (90s) it was everywhere you looked - but now I can't find it anywhere. A black/white drawing of a guy holding a sign. The guy is something like an imp, short, flat top of his head, too cute to be a dwarf. Anyone have a copy of this, or a link?
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    Thanks Guy...but it's not the right one.

    (Wish I had any drawing skills at this point). The one I am looking for is: not human more imp or gremlin. The top of his head is flat and the widest part of his head - if you had a sculpture of him, you could use his head as a table. It wasn't a sophisticated style of drawing... clip art gifs generally weren't.

    At one time, he was everywhere - like the duck with a hammer smashing the computer I'm guessing this was 1990s. It may have even been back in the days of the BBS...but certainly in the early days of the web.

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