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    just a FYI for anyone who has a old, or even new laptop, or desktop touchscreen or not. That Windows 8 preview has been released last night, and is fully functional, infact people have upgraded from windows 7 and has stated even on old hardware it runs flawlessly. Below is a video showing a laptop running windows 8, I myself will be upgrading a HP touchsmart this evening, enjoy...

    Windows 8 on a laptop: pictures, video, tips, and hands-on preview | This is my next...

    I will also be making a video of it and post it tomarrow.
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    Hi all,

    here's a little more info. See link.

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    Sorry Apple, Windows 8 ushers in the post-post-PC era
    By: Zach Epstein | Sep 13th, 2011 at 03:25PM

    Sorry Apple, Windows 8 ushers in the post-post-PC era

    Microsoft executives took to the stage at the annual BUILD developer conference on Tuesday to give the world its first real look at the future of the Windows operating system. The reception, as you’ve likely read by now, has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, Apple bloggers were apparently so flustered by the platform that they resorted to bombarding Twitter with jokes about cooling fans and Silverlight instead of stopping for a moment to realize that Microsoft is showing us the future of computing. The PC was the future, and it let people perform functions they never thought possible. Then the tablet was the future, and it let people interact with content in ways they never thought possible. Now, the future means all things to all people. Read on for more.
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    thanks looks good, also attached a video for everyone to see

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