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    For anyone who doesn't know you can go to this website for info on cell phone carriers that offer gsm in most countries.

    GSM world

    Click on country and it will give information about the carriers in that country that offer GSM.

    Just in case you didn't know. Also you can use this U.K. site. this one shows GSM and CDMA/TDMA coverage.
    CDMA/GSM coverage

    Also, don't quote me on this, but when I went to London from Germany I wasn't able to connect to the internet or send/receive emails using Eudora. I called T-mobile in Germany and they said I had to make sure I was using T-mobile in U.K. to connect to the internet via GPRS. I think whatever carrier you use you have to use the same carrier when travelling to other countries. I think. I've travelled to Italy but I didn't have a chance to use the internet or email there. All I did was make phone calls. So I can't tell you for sure. I'll be in the states soon so I'll try picking up T-mobile and connecting to the internet.

    Anyone else have any stories about travelling to other countries with their Treo. Anything we all should know about before we travel in regards to using our Treo?

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    Check out this site also for great discussions on all pdaphones.
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    I just returned from Mexico, and surprisingly my T-Mobile Treo 270 worked there. I say surprisingly because I called T-Mobile's wireless technical support and stopped at the T-Mobile store at the local mall before I left and they both said it would not work. I actually fully expected it to work and had only called to make sure I didn't have to "activate" something before I left. When I arrived at the Mexico City airport, I just pressed the "power" button and TelCel (I believe it was) service and a note I was roaming came on faster than my T-Mobile signal comes on at home. I only tried the phone and only for local and long distance within Mexico, but it worked flawlessly. Cheers.
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