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This is an interesting article debating the merits of HTC buying webOS and the move to HTML 5...see link.

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Are HTC and Samsung Sick of Google's Android Operating System?
As Samsung releases more phones with its Bada operating system, and HTC ponders buying WebOS, what are their plans for Android?
By Eric Mack, PCWorld Sep 12, 2011 9:00 pm


Are major phone companies preparing to ditch the Android mobile operating system?

Samsung WaveIt’s an interesting question. Samsung recently introduced a new line of Wave phones using its own Bada operating system, and word out this week is that Taiwan-based HTC might be looking to move in a similar direction, perhaps by purchasing WebOS from HP. On August 18, HP announced that it was discontinuing its WebOS line of devices, including the HP TouchPad tablet and the yet-to-be-released HP Pre 3 smartphone.