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    Since Im a legit member and contributor I thought it be ok if Id share.

    My friend who runs a youth's racing charity that is backed by the CEO of GM out of D.C. called KaleidoLINKS is doing a pretty cool raffle. For a $55 donation (tax deductible) you get a raffle ticket for your choice of a brand spankin' new 2012 Camaro SS (your choice of auto or standard) or $20k in cold hard cash!

    Odds are 1/2000. Thats pretty dang good if you ask me. I already grabbed my ticket.

    Here is the Facebook page for the raffle.

    If any of you guys have further questions, contact Andrew Stallworth (KL Racing, Chief Mechanic):

    Hes a great guy with crazy mechanical and racing knowledge. Hell, he managed to dependably get my old '99 Civic Si pumping out 300hp as a daily driver lol.

    There are also whispers of getting pro racing lessons from the Stallworth Stig himself on the track with the grand prize.
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    Here is a fresh from the KaleidoLinks Camaro SS race car built by the underprivileged youth in action driven by Andrew Stallworth, the guy that will be your instructor at the track day with your new Camaro SS!

    (Video was filmed at Roebling Road Raceway, Savannah G.A., a closed professional race course)

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