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    I am with earthlink right now and it's too expensive. Which ISP's are you using and happy with? I have dial up right now.
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    if it's available, go broadband . You will not regret it, although it is usually about $40/mo.

    To find providers in your area, go to . It's not just DSL, cable too.

    I have Adelphia PowerLink Cable Modem service, and I love it. I got a package with the Internet service, HBO and cable TV for $80/mo.

    If you still want dial-up, I have not used any national ISP's, just some good local ones.

    - cml
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    I've used AT&T Worldnet since it first started around 1994-95 and have never regretted it. I had dial-up until last month when I switched to DSL and almost never got a busy signal. Cost when I switched was $22/month for unlimited usage. They have plans that start at $17 and sometimes have promotions going as low as $7/month. DSL is around $40/month and includes 10 hours a month of dial-up.

    I've had no problems with them the very few times I've had to call support, all problems were solved the first time each time. But I've only had to call them about 4 times in 8 years.
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    Just wanted to know for what platform??

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