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    Rich C here, Mod from CrackBerry. Last year Android Central member Tony Bag of Donuts and I started a fantasy NHL league of CBers and ACers. This year I would like to invite the WHOLE Mobile Nation to join us. I have just sent Tony a reminder to restart the league, BUT if he does not do so I will, IF there is sufficient interest. Last year we had 4 divisions and 16 teams!

    Rich C. (PKcable)

    If you can post this in OT for me I would be most appreciative.

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    ok here is the official info. i wish a mod would move this info to Off Topic. Anyways we would LOVE to have PreCentral people in the league. i bet it works great from a touch pad!

    Ok here is the league info! Tony started it up again.....

    If that URL does not work use this one and join under accept invite

    league id 18845

    Password MB30
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    There you go Rich

    If it were football I'd be in! I may have grown up in WI, but I know very little about hockey. Good luck!

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