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    Raspberry Pi: A $25 ultra-low-cost computer that can run Quake 3
    By Stephen Chapman | August 28, 2011, 2:28am PDT

    Summary: The Raspberry Pi is a new ultra-low-cost computing solution that’s making waves — especially now that it’s running Quake 3! Read all about it here.

    The Raspberry Pi Foundation, a UK-registered charity that is developing two models of an ultra-low-cost computer, posted a video this past weekend of Quake 3 running on one of the miniature devices.
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    Oh, I saw this yesterday from a different link. These are very cool, definitely one for the xmas list!
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    wow! That's amazing, I would love to tinker with something like that. Maybe set up some type of low powered server or make some type of handheld game system OR figure out a way to install webOS. At this price point you can afford to try so many things.
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    Is this a complete computer? Or only a mainboard?
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    is there any way the ARMv6 webOS than ran on the Pixi would run on this thing? (provided someone plugged up a touchscreen to it)
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    How cool would that be with webOS on it!

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