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Enterprise Mobility: 10 Tablets That Should Join HP TouchPad on the Extinction List
By Don Reisinger on 2011-08-26

10 Tablets That Should Join HP TouchPad on the Extinction List - Mobile and Wireless - News & Reviews - eWeek.com

When Hewlett-Packard launched the TouchPad in July, the company had high hopes for its future. It thought that WebOS could catch on with customers, and consumers would respond well to the deviceís iPad-like design. But in less than two months, it became clear that wasnít the case. HP was forced to discontinue the device. Some have criticized HP for discontinuing its tablet so soon. They say that the company should have stuck it out to see if things would turn around. They also suggested that the company should consider offering up a new version of its tablet to try to appeal to those looking for something else. But HP disagreed. And instead, the company decided to end its tablet program altogether. Looking around the tablet space, itís now clear that other devices might soon follow the TouchPad. Aside from the iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, there isnít a single device that is performing all that well at retail. Itís about time these tablet makers do something about that. To help them out, weíve compiled the following list to highlight 10 tablets that are on their way toward joining the TouchPad on the extinction list.