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    Hi all,

    FYI. See link. Let's hope the comment about webOS being dead is incorrect...actually it is since Ethel still have the webOS software division up and running!

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    Samsung sets Bada 2.0 SDK free, promises three new phones

    Samsung sets Bada 2.0 SDK free, promises three new phones | News Articles |

    So webOS is dead, Symbian is dying, and BlackBerry OS is... well, certainly not going from strength to strength. So obviously you'd be mental to push yet another mobile platform in the current climate.

    Well, we proudly give you Samsung and Bada 2.0, the latest version of Sammy's own-brew operating system. Because clearly focusing your efforts just on Android and Windows Phone isn't enough.
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    Here's another one on the same topic: Samsung unveils 3 smartphones to run on own platform | Reuters

    I was most surprised by the claim Samsung Apps has 13,000 apps. What?!

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