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    Hi All,

    I'm looking for a Windows SQL Compiler that will compile the query language. I know that everyone will most likely refer me to SQL Server, however, that costs money.

    I'd just like to use it to analyze some SQL scripts. The program must be able to work in a windows environment.

    Can anyone recommend anything to me? Freeware or shareware?

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    I second the MySQL recommendation. You can download a Windows installer version that will give you pretty much a fully functional RDBMS. there are a few things that MySQL doesn't do, like subselects but you probably won't miss them.

    while you're at it, download and install Apache, PHP and phpMyAdmin, and you'll be able to admin your MySQL databases with a webserver.
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    You can download the DB2 Personal Developer's Edition for free.. and that's a full blown RDBMS...

    I think this is the direct link:

    (I have nothing against MySQL, I love it and use it myself (as well as using Sybase and Db2), just trying to offer alternatives)
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    Thanks for the suggestions!
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    Originally posted by MitzEclipse
    I'm looking for a Windows SQL Compiler that will compile the query language.
    Mmmm interesting choice of wording.. personally I never see SQL are a programming language which gets compiled.. it's a Query Language which gets executed..
    But I guess I'm nitpicking

    mySql is probably your best free option indeed...
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    You can also download a 120 day evaluation version of Microsoft SQL Server if you only need to do analysis.
    Look for it at
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    Thank you much!

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