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    Hi Guys,

    Has anyone had a good experience?

    Ordered my Pre 3 on the 17th, 2-3 hours before 4PM (cut off time), free next day delivery, the price drop happened and to their credit they reimbursed me the 50 when I called on the 18th

    BUT 18th came and went nothing, 19th came and went NOTHING phoned them up on the 19th, and they said, well should be with me on Monday.

    Up until then was very happy with Box, they were very reasonable and I thought a good company for the first time I have used them but WTH kind of next day delivery is 3 working days (and the weekend)

    They didn't provide a tracking and when they contacted the courier they came back with it will be with me on Monday.

    I didn't order it for Monday as I'm not sure anyone will be in.

    If it is not there on Monday, OR there is a yellow missed you slip it will be getting canceled and I will be going with Handtec or Clove. Way to go to lose potential future business due to either crummy dispatch or even crummier courier service


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    Ive had very good service and support from them. On more than one occasion. Orders arrived next day after I got the email.

    In fact I make it a point to recommend them as often as possible. No commission or links to company. :-)

    This may well be a courier problem.

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