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    Mods... not sure if this is allowable but I couldn't stop laughing...

    Made me forget about the pain from yesterday and today for 3.5 minutes.

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    They didn't add the part about HP also planning to sell off their PC division after he mentioned he'd just get another laptop.

    We need a revisit from February though:
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    that was just amazing. Thank you for the link. I just had so much laugh out of it, this is awesome!!
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    I know the last day has been filled with bitterness and anger, but lucky you don't have to feel the wrath of a real madman!

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    im in god damned tears reading all that "...well at least i can buy one of their laptops, they still beat dell".

    classic, esp the part about angry birds lol.

    honestly i cant stop laughing.
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    That was funny....

    The best part was near the end when ****** said, " least I'll be able to get an HP laptop next year, Dell can't compete with that..."
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    the Angery Birds part is the best!
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