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    HTC to Buy Majority Stake in Maker of Headphones

    Beats Pro headphones from Beats Electronics.
    By JENNA WORTHAM, August 10, 2011, 11:15 pm

    HTC to Buy Majority Stake in Maker of Headphones -

    HTC, the Taiwanese maker of cellphones and tablets, is looking to pump up the volume on its smartphone offerings.

    On Thursday, the company plans to announce a $300 million strategic investment in Beats Electronics, which makes sleek, brightly colored headphones and other audio accessories. The investment will give HTC a majority stake in Beats.

    Peter Chou, the chief executive of HTC, said in an interview on Wednesday that he hoped the partnership with Beats Electronics, which has released headphones bearing the names of several big-name musicians, including Lady Gaga and the rapper Dr. Dre, would give the company greater visibility among young and hip smartphone shoppers.
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    Does this mean maybe finally there will be some decent small speakers for laptops and headphones?
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    in retrospect, this could've been an early indicator that HP was giving up on the tablet business..

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