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    When you're not posting on the fly from Tapatalk, etc., where do you guys do most of your PreCentral.netting?

    For my part, I work from home, so most of the time I'm posting, I'm doing it from a 4x6 sound booth. It's helpful to be in a padded room when having some of the more frustrating arguments.

    You go!
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    Don't tell anyone I work with, but my desk and favorite bar is where I usually post from. Not so much from home, unless I snap a funny picture @ the bar or while out and about... Wish I could post pics with my phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinime View Post
    .... Wish I could post pics with my phone.
    You could.
    Just upload the pic to Photobucket and use the url of the pic.
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    My laptop or desktop at home, most of the time.
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    At home... which is why I don't post much anymore... lol
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    phone 99 pct of the time.
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    Usually just from my home office (work from home). I only post from the phone if I am bored and really have nothing else to occupy my time, like waiting in a doctor's office or something. I'm just not a heavy phone user. I use it when I absolutely need to use it, but then I put it away. Don't usually use it as just a time waster.
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