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    So I posted an ad on craigslist to rent a room I have here in jacksonville,FL and I got 3 responses that are very similar. People who have a sad story, want to pay me right away, with out knowing important details, they have terrible grammar and have international connections. Check out one of them:

    Hello and how are you doing, I'm presently in kuwait and this is the place that I grew up I'm female of 32 years but I've lost my parents in an auto crash though I have worked with many private company but I don't really like staying here any longer that is why I want to come home to explore my talent ..and I will like to secure a room before my arrival....I really appreciate the breakdown details of the house payment . I'll be so glad if you can reserve the room for me and remove the advert from site list as I'll love to rent the place.
    However, based on your previous mail i will be making a payment of about $1625
    plus the utilities to move in. I must confess I'm comfortable with the cost and
    it is okay by me. I had like to make the payment for two months ahead of my
    moving in, and then i will make subsequent payment thereafter. So I'll call my
    company office branch in US to see you'll get the payment prior to my arriving

    Furthermore, I'll be out to get a shipper who will be moving my properties in
    before my moving in date. In the mean time, I'll be needing your full name and
    home address,cell number so as to prepare the payment as my company will be
    sending a check of pay being money due to me for the month, I will keep you
    posted of when you are likely to receive the payment as soon as i get your
    Have a nice day!

    ... So I know it's a scam, I just dont know exacly what they expect to do.
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    Same as the rest of these scams that involve sending you money. It's identity theft. Somewhere along the line, they will say they need your bank account number in order to do a wire transfer to your account. Once they have that, along with your personal information they have already asked for, they can use your credentials to apply for credit, etc.
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    I know someone who was targeted by a similar scam. What happened in her case was they sent her a (phony) check for more than the agreed upon amount and then some emergency came up and they asked her to wire a portion of the extra money back.

    It's not a particularly clever scam but I can see how some people might fall for it just because it's a little different.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kill_Dano View Post
    ... So I know it's a scam, I just dont know exacly what they expect to do.
    I know what they expect to do.
    They expect to take you to the cleaners! lol

    It's a routine scam.
    You can see all the regular scams on Clark Howard dot com.

    Great financial advice there too.
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    I believe her uncle is royalty in Nigeria too... I'm sure he'll be happy to cover the expenses if you are willing to pay for the transfer fees.
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    Better yet-

    Why don't you just post all your personal info right here so the nice girl doesn't have to go through the troublesome task of emailing you?
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    I had a similar scam come to me through facebook too. I decided to give them a fake name & use a local business address where I could have mail sent to. They really did send a cashiers check, and I took it to the bank to see if they could varify it/identify the scam.

    They basically said that if you cash the check, the funds will not come through and they will have to withdraw the cash back from your acct., at which point you would have already gotten rid of your furniture, ect. Not sure how that applies to rent, but who knows. I obviously did not cash the check, but I felt all detective-y.
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