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    I need to throw out some wireless phone batteries that are dead, what's the proper way to dispose of them?
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    Most electronics stores, battery shops, Home Depts, etc. have boxes set up for this.

    If your community uses a lined 'sanitary' landfill designed to prevent chemical leaching and groundwater contamination, you can usually just dispose of them in the garbage. This sort of site is where most of other collection boxes go to- whether for right or wrong.

    Your landfill office, garbage collection agency, or local recycling organization can give you more information.

    On a related note- I know I have seen this list somewhere but I cannot find it again.

    The batteries that DO contain/leak heavy metal contaminates are alkaline and NiCad.

    If I remember correctly, Metal Halide (NiMH) do not.

    Anyone remember what the status of Lithium Ion (LIon) is?
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