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    Hi All,

    What is the most scary movie you have ever seen
    at the movie theatre or T.V.?

    My favorite is "Alien" and "Beast from the 20,000 phathom".
    "Children of the Corn" were a scare for me also

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    Originally posted by ByronC
    What is the most scary movie you have ever seen
    at the movie theatre or T.V.?
    Beaches. I still have nightmares.
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    Bambi or Dumbo.. hard to decided which..

    Both very traumatic to me when I was a very small child..

    Death of a parent and all.. horrifying story line..

    (for that matter most Disney films are pretty twisted, just look at the plot to the Lion King..!!, no wonder more kids aren't traumatized)..
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    Blair Witch Project- so hokey in many ways I am embarrassed to list it, but it spooks me and makes me a tad nervous to be in the woods at night.

    Jaws- a real classic. Repeated viewing may loose the shock value of a couple scenes, but it is a well-crafted flick.

    Night of the Living Dead- another classic, but in a totally different way.

    Alien (and, for once, a sequel- Aliens)

    Sixth Sense

    A lot of the old B&Ws are pretty good- Nosterasfu (I KNOW I misspelled that!), the old Lon Chaney/Bela Lugosi classics, etc.

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers, original or remake are both OK

    Silence of the Lambs

    Psycho and The Birds- as well as several other Hitchcock flicks

    Personally, I disagree about Disney. Yes- many of them feature the death of a parent or loved one but the story lines go past that- usually involving some form of healing and strengthening or growth. It is a classic story line of 'good life, sudden tragedy, turmoil, triumph over odds' that we see from the Book of Job in the Old Testament to the Matrix.

    OK, sure- some kids are not ready to watch some of these for any of a hundred reasons. That is what parents or guardians are for.

    On a different note- anyone else really tired of watching film crews set up other people to do scary things in scary places while they are being filmed? With all the cameras rolling in these supposedly 'haunted' places, I woulda thought some film of something unexplainable would have been caught by now.

    Instead, the producers play mind games that make the sick things the producers of Blair Witch did to their victims look like childs play. One guy had to lay down in a morgue's sliding drawer (where dead bodies are kept), close the drawer, have his buddy leave, then maintain radio silence in the dark, enclosed place for 15 minutes.

    We get to watch as people who have been carefully prepped to be afraid hear 'odd noises', feel 'cold spots', experience feelings of being watched, etc.. Imagine that- old, drafty buildings making noises and having cold spots, or feeling like you are being watched when there are usually 2 TV cameras on you! I woudl bet almost anything that there are staff members tucked away in closets here and there as well- running gear, being ready for an emergency, adding their own ambient noises (accidentally or not!)

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    Jaws was the only one that scared me and really made me think about the water.
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    The Sixth Sense -- don't know whether I'd call this scary. More suspensful, moody, and creepy.

    Alien -- The original was great. They should have stopped there.

    The Shining -- Again the original version. The mini-series was boring.

    The Thing -- The 1980 version. This is probably the only movie where I consider the remake better than the original.

    OB funny story about the Shining: I was watching this on HBO with my niece (she was on one end of the couch and I was on the other) when the scene with the two girls in the hall came on. Just as the image switched to the gory one, I "happened" to tap the bottom of her foot with mine. Never saw a person spontaneously jump three feet in the air before that moment.
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