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    Another Try by Google to Take On Facebook

    By CLAIRE CAIN MILLER, June 28, 2011

    Remember Google Buzz? What about Orkut, or Google Wave?

    Google has tried several times, without much success, to take on Facebook and master social networking. Now it is making its biggest effort yet.

    On Tuesday, Google introduced a social networking service called the Google+ project which happens to look a lot like Facebook. The service, which is initially available to a select group of Google users who will soon be able to invite others, will let people share and discuss status updates, photos and links, much as they do on Facebook.

    But the Google+ project will be different in one significant way, which Google hopes will be enough to convince people to use yet another social network.
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    if anyone has invites for google + or google music id be interested in one. i have a couple diaspora invites in case anyone wants those as well.
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    inviting Is simple To google+
    just get someone To tag You in an status update (If You have a googlemail address) and You can join.
    If You want i can invite You.

    Edit: sorry for the incorrect writing the error correction On the touchpad Is awful If i write in a different language (native=german)
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