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    Hi all,

    Who said crime doesn't pay? Please use the link to reach the balance of this article.

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    Sony Hacker Said to Land Facebook Job
    By Brennon Slattery, PCWorld Jun 26, 2011 9:10 AM

    Sony Hacker Said to Land Facebook Job | PCWorld

    Hacking Sony apparently didn't stop George Hotz from landing a job at Facebook.

    Techunwrapped revealed that Hotz, the hacker known as Geohot who pioneered jailbreaking the iPhone and became embroiled in a lawsuit with Sony after publishing the PlayStation 3's root keys, has taken a position at Facebook.

    Joshua Hill (P0sixninja), a member of the Chronic-Dev Team -- the group responsible for greenpois0n, the premiere iOS jailbreak software -- said in a video that Hotz declined an iOS jailbreak challenge (finding a boot ROM exploit in the iPad 2) to keep out of the media spotlight and also to focus on his new job at Facebook.
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    From the mug shot that kept floating around of this kid, I never would've thought FB would've considered him employable enough to hire him. Something about his face just says slacker to me.

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