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    FYI. Please use the link to read the rest of this article. The word app for application has been around much before Apple started using it....

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    June 23, 2011 6:23 AM PDT
    Apple sends another cease-and-desist over 'App Store'
    by Don Reisinger

    Apple sends another cease-and-desist over 'App Store' | The Digital Home - CNET News

    Apple has reportedly sent a cease-and-desist letter to Amahi over its use of the term "App Store."

    Amahi offers home server software for those who want to store and share content across their personal network. The company also has an application marketplace where users can download apps to extend the use of its software.

    A member of the Amahi team published a letter that he claimed was sent to the software developer by Apple lawyers, saying that Amahi's use of "App Store" was in violation of the iPhone maker's trademark.

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    For its part, Amahi said that it was in "shock" when it received the letter and that due to Apple's "heavy handed move" and its belief that it's "literally nothing next to Apple," it won't be able to fight the claim. Instead, the company is holding a contest for users to rename its application marketplace.

    thats the sad part

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