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There are going to be many choices for cloud storage...however unless they have better offerings than this one, don't expect them all to last long.

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Best Buy's Music Cloud: Skip It, For Now

By Mark Hachman

Best Buy's Music Cloud: Skip It, For Now | News & Opinion | PCMag.com

Best Buy has "soft launched" a cloud music service, but other, better options are already available. In fact, don't even bother trying this out until Best Buy reworks it.

I tried out the Best Buy Music Cloud powered by Catch Media's Play Anywhere software on Tuesday, and found the software inflexible, and painful, and with some odd design decisions, to boot. The worst choice? For now, you're restricted to listening to 30-second samples of your own songs.

And Best Buy may listen. After publishing this hands-on, I asked Robert Stephens, the chief technical officer of Best Buy, to explain the 30-second decision. "[T]otally fair. I actually use and love Napster on my iOS and Sonos. I plan to check this out. Will fwd your comments on," he said via Twitter.

For now, I'd recommend instead trying out consider competing cloud music services, such as Apple's iTunes in the iCloud, MSpot Music, Amazon Cloud Player, or Google Music.