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Apple's heavy handed manner & Apple's bulling it what apps it allows and all of it's other ground rules is slowly starting to backfire.

The Financial Times, is no longer going to sell a subscription thru the Itunes store, it developed a Web based app to circumvent Apple and it's demands for 30% of all subscription fees. Newspapers and magazines I expect will be the first to go this rounte....however I do expect publishers to follow suit.

The 30% fee that Apple demands is a small portion of it...It is very costly to make apps for every platform....Apple had at one point demanded that apps only be written in Apple language thus making it harder & far more expensive to port apps to their platforms. The DOJ threatened Apple with an investigation and an insurrection from app creators cause Apple to back track. Apple is facing a number of lawsuits from several State AG's on the fact that Apple is now controlling the success of other platforms by being so controlling thru the Itunes store. As well as a number of music publishers over the financial terms of recording sales.

However, with newspapers & magazines feeling the financial pinch I doubt Apple will be able to stop what I expect is a a very long time of periodicals doing exactly what the Financial Times did.

Here's an article dealing with self-publishers and bloggers doing away with the app and going with web based apps.

This is an area I fully expect webOS to excel in...After all it is called webOS for a reason.

Please use the link to reach the entire article.

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Onswipe introduces app-free publishing platform for tablets

Posted June 22, 2011 5:30pm by Morgan Phelps

Onswipe introduces app-free publishing platform for tablets - iPhone app article - Morgan Phelps | Appolicious ™ iPhone and iPad App Directory

In an effort to circumvent the Apple’s App Store and the many restrictions and rules that come with it, a startup out of New York named Onswipe has introduced a web-based, app-free publishing platform for tablets. Describing itself as an outlet for “insanely easy tablet publishing,” Onswipe has moved from being a plug-in for self-hosted WordPress installations that has powered the default iPad view for WordPress.com blogs, to a new platform designed to work with multiple content management systems and content networks.