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    2. People are sick of Facebook

    "I think users are deleting their accounts because they... are burnt out," says Lindsay Mannering at The Stir. Even Bill Gates, a Zuckerberg friend and Facebook investor, recently quit the social networking site, saying his friend requests had gotten "out of hand." I don't blame him. "Between the feeds and the friends, it's too much... more of an obligation than a fun way to pass a few minutes." No wonder people are logging off for good"

    Why Facebook lost 6 million U.S. users: 4 theories - Yahoo! News
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    I think the problem is long generation cycles.

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    Bah, you only have to interact with it as much as you want to. I accept friend requests only from people I actually know, and I block all applications. Duh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syndil View Post
    Bah, you only have to interact with it as much as you want to. I accept friend requests only from people I actually know, and I block all applications. Duh.
    blocking applications is a chore.
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    i never had FB. i found it to be similar to myspace, and i was already tired of that, so i never bothered to make a FB account. plus, when you post pictures to the site it automatically becomes their property and they can use it however they want.
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    Some of my complaints about facebook:

    1. I'm sick of reading about people not wanting to go to work or what they had for dinner.
    2. Tired of "friends" from high school wanting to tell me the story of their life.
    3. People posting photos of me that appear on my wall.
    4. The total amount of time I spent on FB, when I'd rather wasting my time on PreCentral
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    Quote Originally Posted by antijingoist View Post
    blocking applications is a chore.
    Yes. But it's a short term cost for a long term benefit. Block farmville once, and then never have to see it again. Of course, it gets irritating when you also have to block cityville and nerdville and facebookville. That last one doesn't exist, but I suspect it won't be long before there's a facebook game about logging into and using facebook.
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    Facebook is great for my mother-in-law. For me... meh.
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    I no longer live in my home state. Facebook is fantastic for keeping up with my family and helping them keep up with me. It's odd to me that teenagers ever found it useful. Very few of them really need a tool to help communicate with their friends and family. They see them almost every day.
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    To me FB is like a continuous high school reunion. I had a great time in high school and made lots of friends that I would have probably never heard from again if it weren't for FB. I don't try to keep up with what everyone is doing religiously, but every now and then it's nice to take a peek and see what everyone else's life is like and what's important to them.

    I can understand how FB might be tiring to younger people. They don't really have much to look back to, for one thing. They see all their school buddies in real life, so there's no need to put everything on the FB. Plus I imagine there's probably a lot of youthful competitiveness (a.k.a. "let me post about how much cooler I am than you are") to deal with, so that probably leaves a bad taste for FB too. But that's something that people grow out of as they mature. Well... most do.
    Touchscreens are a fad.

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