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    Intel Seeks Grant for Upgrade of Israel Chip Plant

    By REUTERS,June 12, 2011, (Reporting by Steven Scheer; Editing by Hans Peters)

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Intel Corp is planning another expansion of its chip plant in southern Israel and is seeking a government grant for part of the funding, Israel's Industry and Trade Ministry said on Sunday.

    The ministry said the chipmaker plans a $4.8 billion expansion and technology upgrade to produce wafers with 15-nanometre technology at its Fab 28 chip plant in Israel's southern town of Kiryat Gat.

    It said Intel has asked Israel's government for an unspecified grant, and Israeli media put the amount at $500 million to $960 million since Intel typically asks for 12-20 pct of its planned investment.

    Intel, the ministry said, will hire 1,300 new employees at its new plant that will raise its workforce to 4,400.
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    So basically overcharging and still begging.
    I'm sure this will make their stock go up.

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