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EU States Agree on Tougher Sanctions on Cybercrime
By REUTERS,June 10, 2011, (Reporting by Christopher Le Coq; Editing by Julien Toyer and Jon Hemming)


BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU countries agreed on Friday on tougher sanctions against people conducting cyber attacks such as those registered in recent weeks against the French government, European institutions and Citigroup.

Under the new rules, which have to be agreed by the European Parliament, hackers would face a sentence of at least five years if found guilty of causing serious damage to IT systems.

Tougher penalties would also affect perpetrators of attacks through botnets -- networks of infected computers programed to send spam emails -- and target identity theft. Illegally intercepting data would become a criminal offence in the EU.

The EU's 27 member states have also decided to boost their judicial and police cooperation by creating a cybercrime unit which could be attached to Europol, the European police agency.